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Where most games are all about killing each other and collecting loot, there are many new features in this game to provide a different experience for players. The game includes 100 totally different characters. In this article, I will provide detailed information about this game, including some screenshots, and a download link to download this game. So, are you ready to blast through the portals of hell and become the world’s greatest fighter? Gameplay Overview There are a total of 100 fighters in this game, and each is named after the heroes of the Dragon Ball series. The goal is to defeat the opponent by scoring a point when the opponent’s health meter is empty. A team consists of up to 4 players, and the rules of battle are as follows: 1. Both players attack each other simultaneously. 2. Each attack is set to 3 seconds, and the game automatically ends if the player fails to finish the 3-second attack. 3. Each attack has a different health meter. When the health meter is full, the player attacks the opponent, and when the health meter is empty, the player is switched to defensive mode. 4. The health meter depletes when the opponent attacks the player or by using specific skills. 5. One can only use one character at a time, and once the character is used, the character cannot be used again until the game ends. 6. An opponent who cannot be defeated in 3 seconds has a score of “5” and is not considered defeated. 7. Each time one character is defeated, the time of the next attack is decreased by 1 second. 8. The timer for each team is 3 minutes. 9. A team with the lowest number of points wins. How to Play 1. You can choose between “Brawl” and “Brawl” modes. Brawl 2. You can choose whether to play in a two-player or four-player team. 2. There are a total of 100 fighters in the game. 3. There are 100 portal areas. 4. Up to 100 players can fight simultaneously. 5. Each player can use a maximum of 4 characters. 6. There are three modes. Zen-Koku/Zen Battle 7. You can choose between two-player or four-player teams. H



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