Setting Social Expectations

How many times have you said that you would or could post to social media every day? You started off the week in good form, and then a few days later forget to post?

Believe me this happens to everyone and you are not alone. But what if you run a business? Should you allow your social accounts to go without a post every day?

Posting to your account every day builds trust. You are an active business. Show it with an active social feed! How many times have you found a business online and looked at their website to see that they hadn't posted in so long you wonder if they actually are still in business? You begin to mistrust the business, and they have to work even harder to gain your attention. You want to give your community confidence! You are the person they want to contact.

An active social platform brand:

  1. Posts regularly to keep your business top of mind

  2. Likes & Comments on Followers posts and stories

  3. Replies to DM's

  4. Likes and replies to comments on your posts

Managing social media...

Gone is the idea that people with side hustles or people who work for themselves should work all the time. I used to work early mornings evenings, weekends, and holidays.

I made a few small changes to my daily routine to empower me to take 'real' time away from my phone & computer. I began scheduling social media posts. I came to realize that my posts were actually better written and better planned because I organized them, and created them, while in a creative mindset, instead of posting as I was racing out the door to do some thing else.

I use a program called 'Later' to schedule my posts, but there are many programs out there. Facebook Business Suite is now offering a scheduling program for your FB and IG posts! I am not affiliated with any of these options. I enjoy Later because it is visually pleasing and generally easy to use. FB Business is like a PC, and Later is like a MAC, so pick your preference 🤷🏻‍♀️.. I'm a MAC Girl.

I sit down every two weeks and schedule out 14-18 posts. If something comes up one day and I want to post live, I just push one of my scheduled post to another day. Posting regularly shows my customers that I am available, knowledgeable, and relatable without burning myself out in real life. With my post done for the day, I can simply go online. to post stories (which you can also pre-make) and interact with customers without the pressure of having to come up with a brand-worthy post.

The tides are changing... you don't have to post every day to keep up with the social algorithms. From my experience in the ever-changing market, 4-6 posts per week will suffice, but strength in stories & reels has become a priority.

You can do the same planning for your blog by writing posts and leaving them as drafts until you want to publish them, or leaving a webpage unpublished until you are ready. Big E-commerce platforms are also catching the wave and allowing products to be published at a later date.

Moving away from the 7 day work week is a 'thing' so don't feel pressured to be 'on' all the time. Your social media might be, but rest assured, you don't have to!

If you are looking for a way to improve your health and wellbeing, schedule a meeting with me to discuss your brand strategies! Email me:

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