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I typically work with clients under a Non-Disclosure Agreement, so it can be a tad difficult to share previous work. Thankfully I have some clients who are willing to let me show off my website design skills.

These sites were built on Shopify because it easy for non-techie business owners to manage their inventory, sales and customers without having to go to university to figure it out. Even if you know Shopify, sometimes you don't have time to redesign or update your site. I'm happy to work with you as well.

Check out these recent site builds:

  1. Dreamers & Schemers

  2. EQU Lifestyle Boutique

  3. Tucker Tweed Equestrian

When you work with me to develop a new website, we will discuss your brand strategy, email marketing plans and visual preferences. We'll also look at your target market and competitor websites to create a site that helps you stand out.

Some commonly asked questions...

What do I do about Inventory?

We can transfer your inventory from another platform and link it to any accounting program you use (Quickbooks etc...). That way, your products are always in stock on both your website and your store!

Do you add my products for me?

We can add your products to your website after it is designed. This can be a one time project, or you can send us updates and we can enter them for you. It is not necessary to hire us to enter products, but we do have the staff available to do this for you if you don't have time.

Do you offer email marketing services?

I have years of email marketing experience. Email marketing is still the number 1 sales tool for online sales. We can work together to create automatic email flows, write weekly emails in your brand voice and more. Please note, this service is separate from website design and incurs monthly fees from the email marketing program of your choice. The size of your email list will help us figure out which program is best suited for your business.

Are blogs a 'thing' still?

Interested in finding an inexpensive way to build your SEO (search engine optimization)? We can help you! Writing a blog can help your website compete to be higher ranked than your competitors on Google. While properly adjusting your keywords and updating product descriptions to meet the ever-changing landscape of google searches, we can enhance your success with Blog Posts.

What the SEO?

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. Search engines scan the text on your website to determine when your site will show up when a potential customer searches for an item or service you sell. When having your website built or any additional text added to your site in the form of a new page, blog post, photo, or product description, it is important that you consider SEO. As a content creator and strategist, I can help you find the keywords you need to use to improve your ranking on search engines like Google.

What platform should I use for my website?

There are a few big hitters out there. Determining your level of skill plus your needs will determine the platform you should use. For example, a blog might use WordPress or Wix, and a Store Front might use Wordpress, Shopify or Big Commerce to name a few. Shopify is popular for its ease of use and integration with other apps and services, but it can be costly. We can talk about the needs of your business together and determine what platform is right for your business needs.

Reach out to me at to talk about your business.

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