SNAP! You aren't sending emails?

So many small business owners I work with consider their email lists 'small'.

I've got to share something with you, it's not the size of your email list, it's the interest of the people receiving them. Sending emails to thousands of people who aren't interested in your product will not encourage them to buy.

If you have slowly been acquiring email sign-ups on your website, you should email those potential/returning customers! They took the time to sign up, so you know they are interested in what your company is all about. 

It's OK to start small! 

The online market is a funny place.


How many different times and in how many different ways do you see information before you act? 

Sending emails to your customers is one of many ways to engage them with your brand. It is important to consider email marketing as another layer in your complex online strategy. 

We love sending emails and frankly, we're pretty good at it. Our strategies will help your brand connect with your customers at the right time to engage them. 

Are you looking to connect with everyone who just got home from a horse show? Are you hoping to get information to people about a sale? Are your clients students and will be checking their emails after school? Let's take a look at your demographics and make a solid plan to connect with your customers in a positive way!